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Electronics Reference is dedicated to producing free, high quality educational resources to facilitate learning and skills development for all people.

Our primary goal is to ‘Be a Force for Good’. This means that we carefully evaluate our impact on the world. This includes the positive resources that we provide as well as the negative impact that we have to the environment.

We also have strong, achievable goals that are based on promoting STEM education while minimizing our negative impact. In the long term, we would like to contribute not only by providing free high quality resources, but also by sponsoring other educational organizations. We also want to achieve 20% net negative carbon emissions by 2027.

This means that visitors to our site will actually be helping to reduce net carbon emissions just by browsing.

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However, we have a long way to go! Electronics Reference operates on a shoestring budget. Costs are high and we have no paid staff. Our determination to maintain high standards for publication and accessibility means that we don’t make as much as we could.