Module 2: Fundamental Concepts

Welcome to Module 2!

Digital cameras use complex electric circuits to capture amazing images.

Fundamental Concepts

Welcome to Module 2, an introduction to fundamental concepts in electrical theory. We will build on the topics introduced in Module 1 to introduce you, step by step, to important ideas like voltage, current, resistance, power, and Ohm’s Law.

Electric circuits are the basic building blocks of all electric and electronic systems. Without circuits, we would not be able to generate, transmit, or use electrical power. From the biggest power plants to transistors much smaller than a human hair, circuits are the way in which everything ‘electrical’ works. This Module will introduce you to some of the most important concepts that are critical to every single circuit on the planet.

In Module 2, we’ll learn about important topics like voltage, current, resistance, and power. These concepts define how electricity is measured, and how circuits are analyzed. We’ll learn what they are and how they relate to each other. We’ll start looking at the math behind electronics. It may be daunting, but analyzing circuits mathematically is the best (perhaps only?) way to learn about electronics.

We’ll even gain a solid understanding of Ohm’s Law, one of the most important equations in electronics. Ohm’s Law is an equation that you will see over and over while working with electronics. It’s impossible to overstate how important it truly is. It helps you develop the intuition to start really understanding circuits, so you can go from an electronics ‘operator’ to a fully fledged ‘maker’.

The material presented in Module 2 provides the backbone for any serious understanding of electrical theory or electronics. You will find it every course in electronics unless they assume you already know this stuff and are starting at a more advanced or applied level. Even if you only read through Module 2, you’ll never look at electricity the same way again. If you decide to progress beyond Module 2, you will already have the necessary fundamentals to provide a strong foundation for your journey.

Let’s get started with Lesson 1, an introduction to electric circuits.

About This Course

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