In addition to the complete courses above, we also have a variety of standalone lessons on:

What is a Malicious URL? How to Check URLs for Malware

The Op Amp Manual: Operational Amplifier Theory, Circuit Design, and Common Op Amp ICs

What is Electronics Reference?

Electronics Reference is a collection of free resources for people who are interested in the amazing field of electronics.

The idea behind Electronics Reference was initially based on one of the guiding tenets of the fabled ‘Art of Electronics‘ textbook – that electronics is a field that can be treated as an art. It can be learned at many interdisciplinary levels to develop an intuitive skillset that allows us to work with electronic systems at different levels.

Electronics Reference began as a standalone course on fundamental electronics and circuit analysis, and has expanded in scope toward topics of greater complexity like programming, computing, and hacking.

At its core, Electronics Reference is about embracing technology as a language that we can develop fluency with. We believe this will become increasingly important as the use of computers and electronics continue to expand. Almost every job and every pursuit we engage in today has been impacted by electronics in some way.

How to Get Started With Electronics Reference

We don’t need to be able understand everything about a system in order to use it, change it, or tinker with it. But we are limited in a what we can do based on our knowledge.

If you are given a cool gadget, can you:

Discover how the hardware works?
Understand the software it uses?
Reprogram it?
Hack it?
Learn from it?

Electronics Reference is about this challenge and the things that we can discover and build when we look closer at the technologies around us.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Seth. I’m a web application developer and ethical hacker.

I’ve been involved in the field of electronics for many years; as a technician, an engineer, a student, and a hobbyist.

My goal is to make Electronics Reference the best site available for free electronics education, references, entertainment, and projects. This website is very much a work in progress. If you have a comment or suggestion, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. I sincerely appreciate any feedback I get.