Analog Circuits

Analog circuits process signals in which the values are continuously variable over time. They work with continuous signals that can take any value within the range that they are designed for. In contrast, digital circuits deal with discrete voltage signals that have only two states, low (representing zero ‘0’) and high (representing ‘1’).

Analog electronics are used in a variety of applications where signals need to be manipulated in a continuous manner, such as in audio amplifiers, radio frequency (RF) communication systems, and sensors. Analog circuits use a variety of common components, like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors to process and control analog signals.

In this series, we will learn about common analog circuits like rectifiers, amplifiers, filters, bridge circuits, op amps, and more!

Analog circuits are incredible useful. Rectifiers, for example, are used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).This means that all of our digital electronics (TVs, phones, computers, etc…) rely on analog circuits to supply their power.

For the prospective student, learning about analog circuits also gives us the opportunity to learn more about circuit design and components like resistors, diodes, capacitors, and transistors. We will learn how these components can be combined in many interesting ways, providing deeper insight into the components themselves, as well as the circuits that they collectively form.

Learn Analog Circuits

The following articles on analog circuits are designed to be read in order, but feel free to jump around as needed.

Rectifier Circuits

Introduction to Rectifiers
Half-Wave Rectifier
Full-Wave Rectifier
Bridge Rectifier
Inductor Filter L-Filter
Capacitor Filter C-Filter
Bleeder Resistor
LC Filter
Pi Filter

Filter Circuits

Introduction to Filter Circuits
Low Pass and High Pass Filters
Low Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Band Pass Filter
Band Stop Filter
Notch Filter

Complex Analog Circuits

Common Emitter Amplifier
Peak Detector
Zener Diode Voltage Regulator
Clipper Circuits
Clamper Circuits
Wheatstone Bridge
Maxwell Bridge
Wien Bridge
L-Pad Attenuator

Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers
Inverting Op Amp
Non-Inverting Op Amp
Op Amp Comparator
Operational Amplifier Voltage Follower (Op Amp Buffer)

324 Op Amp
358 Op Amp
741 Op Amp