Calculators For Electronics

An abacus.

The calculators we have created are here to help you with electronics. From finding resistance, to electric potential, capacitance, to filter design- these calculators can be used for almost anything!

All of these calculators are free and easy to use, so have fun and check them out!

In alphabetic order:

AC Power Calculator for Active, Reactive, Apparent Power

Band Pass Filter Calculator

Band Stop Filter Calculator

Capacitor Calculators

Capacitor Charge, Discharge and Time Constant Calculator

Capacitor Reactance Calculator

Capacitors in Parallel Calculator

Capacitors in Series Calculator

DC Power Calculator

Filter Calculators

High Pass Filter Calculator

Inductor Calculators

Inductors in Parallel Calculator

Inductors in Series Calculator

Low Pass Filter Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Resistor Calculators

Resistors in Parallel Calculator

Resistors in Series Calculator

Transformer Calculators

Voltage Divider Calculator

Calculators for Electronics

Within the field of electronics, calculators are useful in many ways. They can be used to solve problems as well as aid in component selection and circuit design.

They can also be used as a learning tool. By modeling circuits repeatedly, you can develop a more thorough and intuitive understanding of how they function.

This can be accomplished by using a calculator to change parameters repeatedly while observing the results.

Calculators and modelling also provide a safe space in which to explore systems without consequence. No matter what values you enter, you can’t make a calculator fail like a real-life circuit would. You must also verify that every circuit is safely constructed, requiring an additional process. Always analyze the circuit to determine that the voltage, current, and power are below the rated levels at every point in the circuit.