Introduction to Electrical Theory

A couple of atoms were walking down the street one day when one of them exclaimed, “Oh no – I’ve lost an electron!” “Are you sure?” the other atom asked. “Yes,” replied the first one, “I’m positive.”

Module 1 is a comprehensive introduction to electricity and electrical theory. It is designed to be read by anyone, but also to have value for engineers and people with advanced degrees.

Lesson 1 begins with an in depth exploration of electricity. You’ll learn about the two types of electricity, what electricity really is, and why it’s so important.

In lesson 2, we dive into the history of electricity, which helps to build perspective and an intuition for how this amazing field has progressed.

Lesson 3 provides an introduction to electrical power generation and transmission. When working with electronics, it’s nice to know where the electricity comes from.

In lesson 4, we start to build technical knowledge at the deepest level- the atom.

Lesson 5 covers the electrical properties of different materials and what makes them useful- conductors, insulators, semiconductors, and even superconductors.

In lesson 6, we cover the property of electric charge. This important topic is the starting point of all electricity and circuits.

Lesson 7 dives into electric fields. You will gain an in-depth and intuitive understanding of how electric fields work and why they are so important.

Module 1 – Introduction to Electrical Theory:

Lesson 1: What is Electricity?

Lesson 2: History of Electricity

Lesson 3: Electrical Power Generation Basics

Lesson 4: Of Atoms and Electrons

Lesson 5: Electrical Properties of Materials

Lesson 6: Properties of Electric Charge

Lesson 7: Electric Field

About This Course

On each page, you will find a drop-down lesson menu at the top of the page and a content listing at the bottom of each page for easy access if you’d like to review past lessons or jump around.

There is a brief summary at the top of each page followed by a table of contents.

If you’re a newbie, we recommend reading through each lesson before moving on to the next. As in any complex subject, the more you learn, the more you will understand- don’t be surprised if you find it difficult at first- because the farther you go, the more you will be able to understand. Each new concept builds on the last, but also enhances your understanding of what you thought you already knew.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Let’s get started with Lesson 1: What is Electricity?