Voltage Divider Calculator

Voltage dividers are passive circuits that use resistors to output a fraction of the input voltage.

Composed of resistors, voltage dividers are important because many circuits form voltage dividers- any time two resistive elements are in series, there is a voltage divider. In AC circuits, resistance can be exchanged with the impedance of an element like a resistor or capacitor and used with the voltage divider formula or calculator.

Voltage dividers consist of resistors with a test point between them.

The formula for the output of a voltage divider circuit is:


This page contains a voltage divider calculator to help you calculate an output voltage or test your results.

How to Use the Voltage Divider Calculator

Three pieces of information must be known in order to calculate the output voltage:

1)The input voltage Vin (in volts).

2)The resistance value of R1 (in ohms).

3) The resistance value of R2 (in ohms).

The calculator will then output the voltage level of the divider circuit, which is the voltage at a test point between R1 and R2,

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