Rust Language Tutorials and Course

Welcome, Rustaceans!

This is our main course on the Rust programming language. It contains links to Rust tutorials, which you can find below:

Rust Tutorials

Other Resources for Learning Rust

The following are great resources for learning Rust, and will be great companions for the content here:

The Rust lang team site: A great resource for all kinds of information about the Rust language.

The Rust Book: Like the Bible, but for Rustaceans and with even more rules! 😉

The Command Line Book: Learn how to build command line applications in Rust.

The WebAssembly Book: Build the internet of the future with Rust and WebAssembly.

The Embedded Book: Apply Rust to embedded systems and make things that do cool stuff.

Rust by Example: A collection of examples that can be run to learn about Rust.