This page contains links to various topics related to hacking.

Disclaimer: I am a cybersecurity enthusiast and CTF player who aspires to hack professionally. These are my own notes compiled during CTF engagements and cybersecurity certifications. This website (electronicsreference.com) is my playground for all things related to electronics, programming, and hacking. I don’t claim that my notes are the best, and there are (many!) other websites with lots of great notes from people who are much better hackers than I am. However, I do double/triple/quadruple check everything I publish for correctness and try to optimize my notes for clarity. Thanks for being here! Please only use these notes for ethical purposes. Scammers and those out to exploit or harm decent folk are not welcome here. If you have any comments/questions/complaints, please reach out to me at [email protected]

  • Penetration Testing – Notes that I have collected and used for penetration testing. I am in the process of migrating my personal notes to this directory. My goal is to keep them updated and build them as I complete certifications, CTFs, and client assessments.
  • TryHackMe Walkthroughs – THM is my favorite platform for CTFs, learning, and advancing my knowledge of cybersecurity and hacking.
  • Cybersecurity – A collection of random notes related to the field of cybersecurity. This includes notes and musings on the field of cybersecurity in general. Notes that fit more neatly into other categories (like CTF walkthroughs, pentesting, red teaming, etc.) can be found in the other categories below.
  • Red Teaming – (Coming soon!) – Notes on red teaming. This will be heavily interlinked with the notes on pentesting, but will be focused specifically on red teaming rather than pentesting in general.