ATI Unveils Automated Angle Grinder, Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

In a significant leap forward for the electronics industry, ATI Industrial Automation has unveiled its latest innovation: the CGV-900 compliant angle grinder. This revolutionary tool is set to transform grinding and finishing processes by introducing automation, thereby reducing the need for manual labor and increasing workplace safety.

The CGV-900 compliant angle grinder is a versatile tool that brings a new level of precision and consistency to robotic grinding processes. Its unique feature is the built-in compliance mechanism, which allows the tool to adapt to irregularities on the surfaces of various parts and maintain continuous contact with the workpiece. This compliance force can be adjusted, enabling engineers to optimize finishing processes in real time, a feature that will resonate with professionals who value precision in their work.

Moreover, the CGV-900 also generates position sensing data that can indicate media wear. This innovative feature allows engineers to establish media replacement intervals, thus eliminating unexpected rework and reducing downtime. The data can also be utilized for process verification, adding an extra layer of quality control to the grinding and finishing process.

At the heart of the CGV-900 lies a governed, vane-style motor. This motor ensures a consistent speed during grinding and finishing processes, resulting in a uniform finish throughout the contact path of the tool. The compatibility of the CGV-900 with industry-standard grinding media such as flap wheels, sanding discs, and wire brushes, which are commonly used with handheld grinding tools, makes it a highly effective and efficient tool.

By combining familiar grinding media with adjustable compliance force, the CGV-900 compliant angle grinder offers a safer and more efficient alternative to manual grinding. This not only reduces the risk of injury but also improves the overall quality of the finished product.

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In conclusion, ATI Industrial Automation’s launch of the CGV-900 compliant angle grinder represents a significant advancement in automated grinding technology. By combining versatility with safety and efficiency, this innovative tool is set to become a game-changer in the electronics industry.