FTW Robotics Appoints New CPO, Unveils Advanced Educational Drone

In a recent development, For The Win Robotics (FTW), a pioneering force in drone-based STEM and computer science education, has announced the appointment of Jennifer Nicholls, a seasoned STEM industry professional, as their new Chief Program Officer (CPO). Alongside this significant appointment, the company also launched Hopper, an innovative educational drone designed to make learning about coding, robotics, and engineering an engaging and accessible experience for students.

Dr. Jennifer Nicholls joined the ranks of FTW as CPO in May 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her 20 years in naval service and multiple engineering degrees. Her proven track record in developing effective end-to-end STEM-based education programs that equip students with the necessary tools and confidence to excel is a testament to her commitment to the field. Previously, as a middle school teacher and in various leadership roles at Mathnasium, Jennifer was dedicated to demystifying the complexities of STEM, engaging students in hands-on activities, and promoting critical thinking exercises.

Daniel Mehay, COO and co-founder of FTW, expressed his enthusiasm for the new appointment and product launch. He stated, “With Jennifer Nicholls joining our team and the introduction of Hopper, we are strengthening our commitment to delivering innovative, collaborative technology. Our aim is to spark a lifelong interest in STEM and computer science among learners from all backgrounds and instill the curiosity to pursue a career in these fields.”

Hopper is the result of a collaborative effort by a team of experts in aerospace, education, and technology. It is a significant advancement of FTW’s Build | Fly | Code program, which encourages students to explore flight theory, mechanical design, and basic coding principles using cutting-edge drone and sensor technology. Hopper’s robust hardware and software are built around a secure system. It features advanced computer vision technology, including infrared and color capabilities, enabling Wi-Fi-driven real-time data and image information transmission.

Dr. Nicholls expressed her excitement about joining the FTW team. She remarked, “I have dedicated my career to debunking the idea that STEM and computer science are too hard. I’ve witnessed students excel in these fields when given the right tools and opportunities. With FTW and Hopper, I can continue my passion while utilizing the most advanced technology.”

FTW is also making strides in expanding its high-quality programming nationwide. The company is continuously innovating based on feedback from educators to ensure their technology benefits each curriculum and classroom optimally. Through a recent partnership with STEM Learning Ecosystems, FTW is set to increase its potential reach to over 42 million students, building on its previous achievement of a presence in 1,000 schools across the country.

Rob Harvey, Executive Chairman of FTW, emphasized the company’s commitment to quality STEM and computer science education. He stated, “We are determined to bring quality STEM and computer science education to all students. Our commitment to excellence motivates us to continually refine our offerings through continuous feedback and collaboration with like-minded partners.”

FTW Robotics’ Build | Fly | Code program offers teachers new professional development opportunities while making drone technology fun and accessible for all students. The program is designed to bridge equity gaps in STEM and computer science education, specifically for students with disabilities and other historically underrepresented groups.

For more information about For The Win Robotics, the Build | Fly | Code program, and to connect with the community, please visit https://www.ftw-robotics.com/.

About For the Win Robotics:

For The Win Robotics is dedicated to fostering critical thinking and lifelong curiosity through experiential STEM and computer science education. The company has reached more than 1,000 schools across the United States with its Build | Fly | Code program. By promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity, FTW is equipping today’s students with the essential skills needed to become the workforce of the future. For more information on For the Win Robotics click here.